For this one I painted along to The Joy of Painting S.2 E.4 "Shades of Grey".

This is an oil painting on a 16x20 gallery wrapped canvas. Frame not included.


This was painting #26 of 26 episodes that are in the Netflix series "Beauty is everywhere". I actually never shared one of the paintings I did because it went so bad... so I did this one to make up for it to include in my goal of 26! I've always wanted to paint along to this episode. In the intro Bob talked about how he received a fan letter from someone who said they could never paint because they were color blind... so he dedicated this black and white episode to them <3


I've fallen in love with this painting style and now my goal is become a Certified Ross Instructor through the Bob Ross company in 2020. All of the money made from selling these paintings will be going towards getting me to Florida to take the certification course.


For any questions about custom painting orders please email me at

Shades of Grey

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