Hi I'm Amanda! Welcome to my site!

I am a work from home artist who mainly paints fan art, pet portraits, and Bob Ross style landscapes. I use mainly acrylic paints, and then oils for the landscapes. I began painting when I was in about 5th grade. I had a very creative teacher who sparked a creative passion in me and I have been painting ever since.

I took as many art classes as I could in high school and went on to study media arts and animation. I did not complete my animation degree because the more I studied it the more I realized that digital art was not for me. I missed the hands on messiness of traditional painting. So I left college to pursue other art dreams.

For about 5 years I worked as a paint and sip party host. I would host art parties at different restaurants and venues and lead people through beginner paintings while they all drank and had a great time. I stepped away from that and I am now living my dream of being a self employed, work from home artist. Huzzah!

I have an amazing husband who treats me like a queen, a corgi named Olimar, and a cat named Midna. We are huge Nintendo fans and all around geeks. I like to paint the things that make me happy, which means a lot of fan art and corgis! 

I recently became a Certified Ross Instructor (CRI) and am now able to teach other people the Joy of Painting using the Bob Ross techniques.

I live stream all of my paintings and process on Twitch where you can watch me paint and chat with me. I love to get to know new people so come say hi!

If you'd like the latest announcements and schedule, I always post them on my Discord and Twitter first. All of my available paintings are listed on this site. Oil paints take me longer to post due to their long dry time. If you do not see the painting you want let me know! My commissions are usually open and would love to create a painting for you. Please do not hesitate to ask questions or say hello.

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