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Meet The Artist

Welcome! I'm so glad you've landed on my site.

My name is Amanda and I'm a painter living in beautiful Portland, Oregon. I paint with both oil paints and acrylics to paint the things that bring me joy in hopes of spreading happiness and creativity to others. I'm often drawn to nature and the beautiful colors and textures that captivate me. I'm also a certified Bob Ross Instructor and I have the honor of spreading the joy of painting while teaching painters of all skill levels.

I truly believe there is healing in the creative process and that everyone deserves to find their creative outlet, mine happens to be painting and I'm thrilled to share that with you. 

My Story

I began painting when I was in about 5th grade when I had a very encouraging teacher who sparked a creative passion in me and I have been painting ever since. I always asked for paint by number kits for my birthday and christmas and eventually I got sick of painting within the lines!

I took as many art classes as I could in high school and went on to study media arts and animation. I did not complete my animation degree because the more I studied it the more I realized that digital art was not for me. I missed the hands on messiness of traditional painting. So I left college to pursue other art dreams.

I worked as a paint and sip party host for about five years. I experienced so much life and growth as an artist during that crazy time in my art journey! In 2018 it was finally time for me to take the leap and leave that job to try my luck at being an independent work from home artist. I've been so fortunate to be able to call this my job ever since!

My background is mostly in acrylic paints, which will always hold a special place in my heart, but then I decided to finally dive into oil paints. I grew up watching Bob Ross and have always been a fan of the happy little trees I would watch miraculously appear within seconds. So I started there. I started following along to Bob Ross episodes and making about every mistake I possibly could while I tried to understand oils. Through countless happy accidents, I fell in love with painting nature with oil paints. 

In 2020 I flew to Florida for 3 weeks and completed the courses to become a Certified Bob Ross Instructor. In the middle of a pandemic! I know, I'm crazy! It was a truly amazing experience and I'm so honored to be able to teach oil painting classes to painters of all skill levels. It's been a truly fulfilling addition to my art career that has led to some unbelievable opportunities. Like my biggest bragging point on my artist resume... I got to teach a Bob Ross class at Owen Wilson's house. I honestly can't wait to see where teaching takes me. 

Of course, aside from being an artist, I have many causes that mean so much to me. From time to time I'll post things for awareness, support, or fundraising for different causes that hit close to home. I'm an open book and I believe being transparent and honest about our struggles can really help people feel less alone. So I talk about these parts of my journey quite a bit. Hopefully, together, we can end some stigmas or just to let someone know they're not alone. 


I try my best to be an advocate for mental health support and resources. No one should ever have to feel that alone in this world. Through all the ups and downs in life, painting has always been the thing that has brought me peace and clarity. It's all connected... so I can't share my art without also talking about the healing it has brought me. 

If you are ever in need of help please speak out. Message a loved one you can trust. Or use one of the many amazing resources out there and make sure you connect with someone. If you need a place to start, I have a mental health tab with some resources that have been a great help to me. 

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