This is a PRINT of my original acrylic painting (The watermark does not appear on the actual print).

Gravity Falls, Acrylic painting by Amanda Ruth Art
Original Canvas Size: 11x14 inches


This was a super special painting! I'm a huge fan of Gravity Falls and I wanted to include at least 1 item or easter egg from each of the 40 episodes! If you order this print I will include a list (cheat sheet) of all the episodes and what I decided to include in this painting to represent it! Some are definitely more detailed then other because some items got so tiny!

This print is available in 2 sizes. Select your choice as you place it in your cart.

11x14 print - $25
16x20 print - $35

Once shipped, I will send you a tracking number so you can know exactly when you will receive your artwork. Please allow 2-4 business days for fulfillment before your order is shipped to you. All prints are carefully packaged and shipped in sturdy, bend-proof packaging to ensure they get to you in perfect condition.

If you have any questions or requests about other size and paper options please feel free to message me!

Thank you for visiting my shop.

I live stream most of my paintings on my Twitch channel. Check it out if you would like to watch me create my next painting live! Follow me on twitter  or joing my discord to see when I go live.

Gravity Falls - Print


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